CoolBalance - Squirrel POS Customizations

Squirrel POS customizations by CoolBalance Inc and Sub-Projects and Sub-Projects

Assembla offers a feature where a master project can contain sub-projects. The work we do here at CoolBalance often has many sub-projects for a single customer. The customer desires a single repository, and this seems like a reasonable way to integrate projects and repository. Tickets and Support are also crucial features. What I am trying out is to have a single master project which contains the repository, tickets, and wiki. The repository top-level structure is one folder per project with trunk/tags/branches inside each project folder. The project name is the project url. Tickets are shared using a tag which is the project url. The wiki will be structured with one entry per project , and then sub-pages under that project page. The customer can have a master login which covers all sub-projects, yet individuals in the customer organization can have their own login to restrict their use to projects. Each sub-project installs an external subversion repository, which is just a link to the master repository in the master project. This isn’t well documented, so it’s documented here now. For example, the master project is cbsquirrel, the portfolio is coolbalance, a sub-project is called martinique: The subversion url is as expected: The source browsing url is a little unexpected: Hopefully Assembla will add a feature allowing the source browsing url to point directly to the desired folder. Something like this: The changeset url is:$REV$

14 May 2014