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Computer Software Tester/QA

Computer Software Tester/QA

Restaurant and Payment System Software Quality Assurance

We are looking for an individual that:

  • * is thai (no work permits available)
  • * loves working with computers
  • * can pay attention to detail
  • * loves learning new things
  • * able to comprehend written technical English
  • willing to improve spoken english skills

You will be working in an office in Chiang Mai (Jed Yod area). First you will learn to operate a Restaurant Management System, to install and configure it as well, and then come to understand how that helps a restaurant operate.
After this you will be responsible for using, testing, critiquing addon’s to this base software package. The addons are designed to help a restaurant, or restaurant chain, adapt this software to their particular needs.
You will also need to review documentation describing how to use, install, and configure these addons.
Eventually you will also be responsible for packaging and delivering the final product.
On the technical side, most of the programming we do is in Java (1.1.18 usually) along with a proprietary language and sometimes C++. Communications is usually via TCPIP. The core OS is Windows (XP and later), though development is done in Linux (Ubuntu) and the operating environment is an embedded linux system.

Success in this environment will be dependent upon:

  • * your ability to learn new things
  • * your ability to think like a restaurant owner, operator, worker, bookkeeper etc.
  • * think about how end-users will be using the software to assist them in their jobs
  • * attention to detail
  • * creativity in finding problems in the new software
  • * ability to identify difficult to understand concepts or sections or operation
  • * offer suggestions for improvement
  • * work independently

What you can expect to get:

  • * Reasonable Salary
  • * Pleasant work environment
  • * Mentoring
  • * Improved English skills
  • * If desired and if you have the ability, learning to program (java, c++, proprietary software) in this environment. Interest in DevOps is also possible.

22 Jul 2013