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Know-How by Ram Charan

Know-How by Ram Charan

Another excellent business book. I would highly recommend this to anyone running a company, a business, or planning on moving up the corporate ladder. If you want to know what to learn, and how to be, to be a top executive and to make your company successful, this is the place to start. In short, it’s about your people skills and your own personal skills and vision and how to maximize them. Ram Charans observerations come down to 8 key Know-Hows:

  1. Positioning and Repositioning: Finding a central idea for business that meets customer demands and that makes money.
  2. **Pinpointing External Change: **Detecting patterns in a complex world to put the business on the offensive.
  3. Leading the Social System: Getting the right people together with the behaviours and the right information to make better, faster decisions and achieve business results.
  4. **Judging People: **Calibrating people based on their actions, decisions, and behaviors and matching them to the non-negotiable’s of the job.
  5. Molding a Team: Getting highly competent, high-ego leaders to coordinate seamlessly.
  6. Setting Goals: Determining the set of goals that balances what the business can become with what it can realistically achieve.
  7. Setting Laser-Sharp Priorities: Defining the path and aligning resources, actions, and energy to accomplish the goals.
  8. Dealing with Forces Beyond the Market: Anticipating and responding to societal pressures In the views presented here, the successful leader spend much of his/her time working on and with people so they can achieve the goals and results desired. The other half of the job seems to be developing skills and a mind set that let’s you look at issues from different perspectives, absorb a broad range of input and knowledge, and to move from concepts to specifics. A leader also needs a healthy dose of personal growth, to be ambitious, self-confident (not arrogant), open, realistic and to desire to grow and learn. Ram Charan has a web-site at and the book can be found at amazon. or the kindle version

29 Mar 2008