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Why Embrace the Web For Your Business?

Why Embrace the Web For Your Business?

Why should you embrace the use of the Internet for your business?

It’s easy in times of economic crisis to start chopping marketing budgets, however we believe the web is a solution to survive economic hard times, not a budget item to cut. Simply put, the web is more important now than at any other time. Here are some reasons why:

  • The web is cost effective. A typical website costs roughly the same as a large advertisement in a daily newspaper. A newspaper has a limited lifetime, whereas a website is longer term.
  • The web adapts and grows with you. Using a Content Management System, you can build content over time. A website is organic in growth, not once-off like other traditional media.
  • The web is timely. You can keep a website up-to-date far more frequently than traditional media. You can test and adapt your message daily, if need be.
  • The web is measurable. Using traffic analysis, you can get a clear idea of the visitors to your website, and what they view. No other medium shows you such results based detail. What you can measure, you can test and improve.
  • The web is improved communication. Using the web, you can engage in direct conversations with your customers and build a stronger, more loyal following.
  • The web is now expected.
    More and more businesses and consumers are using the web to find suppliers or products. Not having a website in this age is akin to not having a telephone.
  • The web reduces customer service costs.
    How much of your staff time is taken up answering typical questions? Your website can answer these in more depth and with better results, over and over without the costs.
  • The web improves systems.
    From downloadable forms, to internal and external communications, to streamlining payment and other systems, the web costs less than paper shuffling and telephone calls.
  • The web builds brand awareness.
    People use the web to speak about products or services irrespective if you have a website. Using the web, you can join and engage the community.
  • The web is global.
    You can sell to your town or city, or you can use the web to sell globally. The web is an exporter’s dream platform.
  • The web is local. If your market is local, you can exploit local search, mobile web, social media to build your local business. Google Places is one such local marketing resource.
  • The web works whilst you sleep.
    The web is 24 hours, seven days a week. Your office or shop isn’t. Why should you stop selling or marketing when you go home at the end of the day?
  • The web is faster.
    Using blogs, email newsletters and campaigns means instant communication, not time lagged direct mail or traditional advertising.
  • Your competition is already here.

If you don’t have a website, we can assure you, your competition does. Why let them have the advantage?
It’s time to embrace the web!
If you currently have a website that needs embracing, or you require a new website, speak to your web company, or contact the team at CoolBalance Inc.

6 Sep 2010