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The Art of Oil Pulling

The Art of Oil Pulling under construction

10 Feb 2008

The New Turtle Traders

The New Turtle Traders This will be a book review.

10 Feb 2008

Blogging for Fun and Profit

Blogging for Fun and Profit I’ve been blogging off and on (off mostly) for a while now. I’ve also taken a couple of courses from Simpleology and been fairly impressed. So now that they are offering a course on blogging, I wanted to mention it, and check it out for myself. Blogging, and podcasting will be a cornerstone of my new marketing campaign along with teleseminars. Together I want to create a resource for Squirrel POS users to help them make better use of their system.

22 Dec 2007

Help for Project Management

Help for Project Management I’ve been looking at various online tools to help me run my software contracting and product development business. There are a lot of pieces, and none of the online applications make me happy yet. I’m also dissatisfied with having to bring so many disparate pieces together. So far I’m managing by using a Web Desktop, to keep links in one convenient place. One of the tools I’ve found is Joe’s Goals, www.

14 Aug 2007

Financial Growth

Financial Growth Today I was thinking about financial growth, spending, investing etc. It all started with a discussion about owning a home vs investments. One of the key concepts from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, is that when buying liabilities (such as a car or a house) you should instead put that money into an investment that can pay for the liability, or more accurately for the payments for that liability.

5 Aug 2007

Financial Education

Financial Education Well, it’s been a long time since I blogged. Just as an FYI, it’s been busy with all of my projects, Gift Card is about to explode and has such a huge upside it’s mind-boggling. Adrienne put on a very successful financial education seminar in Vancouver on April 22, 2007. I’ve been learning lots about doing business, legal structures and methods to minimize tax, investment vehicles normally only available to the wealthy, and how to keep that wealth.

7 May 2007

Gift cards entice shoppers to spend more according to UW researcher

Gift cards entice shoppers to spend more according to UW researcher I saw this article about the psychology of gift card spending today in my alumni newsletter (shameless plug here, U of W is an excellent university). Do visit “here to read the article.": The main point is that people don’t view gift card cash as completely real, so even if they can get cash back, their natural tendency is to want to spend more than is on the card, topping up with their own money as it were.

2 Feb 2007

Building a large online retail business

Building a large online retail business Today I saw a job posting from “Abe Books”:, a Victoria, BC, Canada based company that is the world’s largest online book marketplace with more than 80,000,000 new,used,rare,out of print books from more than 13,500 independent booksellers in 53 countries. This sparked an insight for me. If I want to build a large marketplace for a specific niche, they way to do that would be to build an instore pos/management application for that niche and tie that instore system into an online e-commerce site for that specific store, as well as a centralized marketplace that would allow consumers access to all the retailers in that niche.

31 Oct 2006

Marketing What I Know!

Marketing What I Know! Today, reading an advert by Janet Swirtzer for her “How Experts Build Empires” series of programs for info-marketers, a number of things she had to say struck me as insightful. First, everyone knows and has done something that someone else would like to know and be able to do. Many of those things people will pay money for. So, I can build a product and business around that thing if I can find those people and give them the value they want.

31 Oct 2006